Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Give the Gift of Health This Year!

OK, so I realize this is a bit "Last Minute" but I figured, better late than never!

Below you will find a random list of my favorite "Healthy Gift Ideas". This list is not presented in order of my preference, for I feel that certain items are good for some people, while other ones are better for other people. I encourage you all to check out the items that sound interesting and match them appropriately. Not only will they all help improve the health of the person you give them to, they will also help the wonderful, hard-working person behind the gift as well!

Books on Health Eating:

Great Cookbooks that Follow Similar Principles:

Other Great Food Related Services:

Places to Learn
the Right Way to Move (hint- buy someone a gift certificate!):

Ways to Make Your Body Feel Good:

Go forth and help make your friends and family healthier this year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surviving the Holidays

Well, they are definitely upon us everyone!

While I don't have any "last minute shopping tips", or "how to survive Christmas with the in-laws" tips, I did find a great little list of well thought out tips on how to stay as healthy as you can be during this holiday season.

These tips come courtesy of Nikki Young, author of two great little e-cookbooks on Primal Eating. Please support her wonderful efforts with these books and check out the site I've linked to above.

Anyway, on with the tips!

The Holiday Survival Checklist

• Never show up to a party on an empty stomach
• Drink plenty of Water all day/during a party
• Keep portions small, use a small plate & make several trips
• Eat Protein and Vegetable based dishes first
• Watch Sugary drinks as they do count
• Socialize, Talk, Dance, Have fun!
• Help offset a High Calorie day with Lower Calorie Days
• Be Active every day, make it a Lifestyle choice
• Use your Muscles to keep your Fat Burning factories
• Slow down and Enjoy the Holiday season