Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Even MORE Info on the Swine Flu

Well, believe it or not, there's MORE info to talk about here, specifically regarding measures to take for prevention and treatment of this nasty little flu.

Specifically, I have added the following suggestions to the measures I have already mentioned in previous posts:

NAC (n-acetyl cysteine)
  • Adults: 600mg twice a day throughout flu season
  • Children: 20mg per kg of body weight (1 kg = 2.2 lbs) throughout flu season
  • If flu symptoms start, DOUBLE dose and maintain there until symptoms subside.
  • Reduces likelihood of getting flu, and is a mucolytic (breaks up mucous) agent, which could be of particular benefit in the lung congestion that people get with this condition.
Vitamin C
  • Adults- 1000mg three times a day
  • Children: 250mg-500mg three times a day depending on size
  • If flu symptoms start, triple dose for one dose, then continue at above normal dose every hour (paying attention to how much you've taken) until stools become loose. Back this total off by 1 dose and take that each day until symptoms subside. If stools become loose again, continue lowering dose as needed.
  • Extremely important anti-flu virus remedy. See this article for more info.
  • Also keeps NAC from breaking down in the body.
  • Always consume vitamin C supplements along with a natural source of it, like organic oranges or orange juice.
  • If symptoms continue to worsen to a critical point, definitely consider intravenous vitamin C doses as explained here.
  • Adults and children: 400-500mg per day for duration of the flu season
  • In a recent study, colostrum was shown to be 300% more effective than flu vaccination, in preventing flu symptoms. In other words, those people who got vaccinated ended up getting the flu 3 times more often than those people taking ONLY colostrum! Those who got vaccinated and took colostrum fared better than the straight vaccine group, but WORSE than the group taking colostrum alone!
OK, that's IT!

If we do all these things (and you know I will be doing them) and we still end up getting the flu, then this is a nastier bug than the experts think it is!

**I am in the process of designing a customized nutritional and herbal formula specifically for prevention and treatment of the Swine Flu, which contains the above ingredients and more in one formula.

Please stay tuned for more info in this regard, and contact me if you have any questions.